Fire Education


Upcoming Demonstration and FireWise Robles del Rio Neighborhood Work Days - More information coming soon...

register by clicking here to have a chipper come and chip woody debris around your home

  • Fire safety related product demonstration and vendor events (WUI code products (Wildland urban interface building codes): e.g., attic/basement/soffit vents, fire extinguishers, fire wrapping

  • Fire extinguisher training classes (when pandemic allows)

  • Ignition zone assessments and remediation assistance (when needed)

  • House hardening classes and demonstrations

  • Understanding the three defensible spaces

  • How to prepare yourself and your family for a wildfire

  • How to prepare your yard and home during a wildfire alert, warning or pre-evacuation

  • Precautionary personal property inventory: creation and collection

  • The Collection and storage of important paperwork and other essential items offsite (e.g., safety deposit box/storage unit, in your work office)

  • The creation of individual go bags per family member: what should be on your list and in your bag? where should you put it? How often should you refresh it? 

  • How to prepare in advance and care for a pet or livestock in the event of wildfire

  • Your homeowners policy: what should you know in advance?