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Friday, October 20th


Robles Firewise Group's (RFG) goal is to sponsor at least two Chipper Days per year. The purpose of Chipper Day is to help residents dispose of natural yard and tree items that will reduce the fuel load around their property.

On Chipper Day, RFG retains the service of a licensed tree trimming company to drive to pre-registered locations to chip acceptable materials. A household must pre-register and must agree to abide by the guidelines published below. RFG requests a donation to support its nonprofit endeavors, including Chipper Day; General suggestion is $50 for a small or medium pile and $100 for a large pile. RFG is a non-profit organization and relies on donations to continue supporting the Robles community.


1. Pre-registration is required and must be completed no less than five days before the scheduled Chipper Day.

2. Our maximum number of locations to be chipped is 20. If more than 20 are pre-registered, they will be on a waitlist.

3. The pile to be chipped must be completed two days before Chipper Day. Our Chipper Day Coordinator will inspect the location prior to the actual Chipper Day & advise the resident if there are any issues with the size or content.

4. The chipping pile, maximum size is 5’W x 8’L x 5’H.

5. The pile must be located near the front of the resident’s property in a place that is easily accessible to the chipper truck.

6. The pile should be stacked with the cut branch end pointing to the street.

7. The largest diameter of wood that can be chipped is 6 inches.

8. Genista, which is flowering or has flat seed pods, where the seeds have not firmed yet can be chipped. If seed pods have formed green seeds inside, then they cannot be chipped and should be put in your green waste bin.

9. Genista must be in a separate pile, it will be chipped, but the chips will be left with the property owner, not shot into the truck.

10. The following items will not be chipped or picked up. If they are included in the pile, the entire pile will be left:

- Palm fronds


-Poison oak


-Construction wood/debris

-Leaves (bagged or loose leaves)

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