Wild Forest Fires


Local and County Resources

State and Federal Resources

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency - FEMA

Local Hotels/Motels/Inns in Case of Displacement

Questions to ask your insurance agency:

Do we have “loss of use” coverage?

Loss of use coverage is for when you are under an evacuation order or need to leave home and seek paid accommodations for health reasons - some homeowners policies offer a “loss of use reimbursement“ which will reimburse you for the costs of accommodations, food, and sometimes clothes and other necessities.


Air filters:

Iq air, blue air. In order for an air filter to be effective during a wildfire event, the air filter MUST have a carbon filter. Carbon absorbs amd processes the poisonous gases and toxic fumes in smoke. A basic HEPA filter does not do that, so be sure to have a carbon filter in your air filter. Iq air sells three different types of filters that have carbon filters as a part of the system. One is a portable travel size that you can purchase a carbon filter for, the other two are stand up filters that can keep A larger room free of a great deal of air pollution from smoke. Many of these filters could be tax-deductible or reimbursable to you through your health insurance, particularly if you have a pre-existing condition such as asthma or an auto immune disease or respiratory disorder, these filters can are also reimbursable for loss of use expenses. Check with your accountant or tax specialist for clarification

News and Media

Congratulations to Rancho Tierra Grande for becoming a Firewise Community!



Outthink Wildfire

Click below for information from NFPA Journal all about 5 main strategies to bring community destruction by wildfires to zero by 2050.

Click below for a Discovery Channel video of the Carmel fire. 

Can New Research Help Reduce the Impact of Wildfires?

In the last 15 years, scientific studies have overturned common knowledge about the behavior and consequences of wildfires. A leading researcher discusses how it can help guide future efforts to protect both people and forests.

Click the button below for an interview about this topic with Fire ecologist Chad Hanson, Ph.D by Carl Smith, Senior Staff Writer of the GOVERNING newsletter.